About Legacy Coin Reserve

Legacy Coin Reserve's collective 50 years of experience in the numismatic coin sector gives our clients an upper hand when facing the fast paced world of numismatic coins.  We have built relationships that allow us to provide numismatic coins of the highest quality at prices you can take advantage of.

Whether helping you find that "long lost" coin to finish a collection or helping you start a new collection that your grand kids would be proud of, Legacy Coin Reserve will be proud to know that we were part of your journey!!

Why Numismatic Coins?

Throughout modern history humans have tried to find  ways to protect themselves and the ones that they love from turbulent times and economic tribulations.  With the rise and fall of industries, price fluctuations, and emerging markets, where does someone go to find a safe haven?

The Precious Metal Market!!!

Millions of people, across the globe, have decided that precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum provide the security they need to face an uncertain world.

The question you have to ask yourself is what avenue of the precious metal market do you want to take?

Many people have decided that raw gold, silver, and platinum are the path for them.  There is only one issue, we at Legacy Coin Reserve, see with that strategy alone.​  The problem with buying raw gold, silver, or platinum is that you are isolated to just a few markets worldwide. The value of your purchases are limited to the spot price of your precious metals at any given moment.  Whether prices are up or down, the value of your assets are tied to the market value and the market value alone.

Legacy Coin Reserve wants to offer you more!!!

With numismatic coins you get the best of both worlds. You have the intrinsic value of the assets in your portfolio as well as the benefit of utilizing the robust collectors market that reaches to the four corners of the world.

Legacy Coin Reserve believes that by providing high quality numismatic coins we offer the best of both worlds to our clients.  Your collection will always have the intrinsic value of the precious metals you own, but will also have a tremendous upside within the collectors market.

Allow us to help you build a collection of historic coins that you can share with you kids and grand kids.

Lights Over Strips (Fourth of July Celebration)

Having faith in who you are dealing with in a major component of purchasing precious metals.  If our clients did not have faith in who we are, at Legacy Coin Reserve, and our ability to deliver high quality numismatic coins to your collection, we would not have a business.  In that spirit, we hope that this gives you a little idea into the people you are dealing with.  This video is how Legacy Coin Reserve and the Burr family have celebrated the Fourth of July every year since 9/11.  God Bless America!!!